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Visser ViMax Wide Belt

The Visser Vimax wide belt system is designed to buffer, collect and evenly space potted plants and trays to be picked up by a fork system or manually. Once the plants reach the Vmax belt platform via the conveyor system and programmable push over unit, they are staged and positioned for several kinds of Visser forks.

Tray forks, pot transport forks, spacing forks, and double forks ( both fixed or adjustable) can all be used in combination with the Vimax belt system and the Visser Spacing Machine. Combining these proven and reliable systems allows a grower to move product from the potting area to the greenhouse or field with minimal labour and maximum speed and efficiency. With the Vmax wide belt system, growers benefit from production line efficiency, minimal labour dependency, and quick return on investment.

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vimax namix

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